Debossed Pattern Custom Rings

Silicone ring is one of the series of custom made wristbands, and all the process that apply to the simply wristbands can be used to make the ring. While these custom ring are debossed without color filled, which is one process of wristbands. If you are a ring lover, try taking off the hard materia ring and experiencing the leisure and comfort of the custom silicone ring.

Compared to the previous custom silicone ring, this batch of blue rings are rich in content. the reason we call them debossed pattern custom rings is because of the debossed decorative pattern on them, which make these debossed pattern custom rings more exquisite and attractive.

GS-JJ perennially supplys of wristbands no minimum, such debossed pattern custom rings are also involved. If you have a need, let us know freely.

Custom wristbands size: 3* 3/5

Thickness: 1.5mm

Style: Debossed with no color filled rings




Araria, 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789



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