6 Volt Battery Charger for Sealed Lead Acid Battery

LEAFUN POWER® 6V SLA/Lead-Acid Battery Charger

6V 1200mA SLA Battery Charger wallpack type Specification

Input: 100~240V
Output: 6.9V 1.2A
Charge Process: CC+CVH+CVL(3 Stages mode)
Charger Indicator: Bi-color LED, RED/GREEN
Output Protections: Short-circuit, Reverse Polarity
Safety Approval: CE UL PSE
Size: 83 x 43 x 30mm
Suit for Battery: 6 Volt 2~12Ah Lead-Acid Battery Charger


Programmed 3 auto stages (CC-Bulk-Float) charging process.

Designed for all kinds of 6V 2~12Ah lead-acid battery, such as SLA, AGM and Gel battery.

With bi-color LED indicator, easily know the charging process.

Protection mode for battery polarity reversed or the output connectors shorted.

UL, CE approval (UL1310)

Application: Car Battery, Motorcycle Battery, Automotive Battery, motorbike battery, etc.

Specification for SW2006: 6V 1200mA SLA Charger

Input Voltage 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Charge voltage Limited SD2006 SD2012
7.3V 14.5V
Bulk charge current 1.2A 0.8A
Float charge voltage 6.8V 13.6V
Operate Temperature -10ºC~40ºC
Cooling Natural convection. Do not cover the charger.
Charge principle Auto 3 stages: C.C. + Bulk C.V. + Floating C.V.
Battery type All types of 6V lead-acid batteries. (SLA, Gel, AGM.)
LED display Bi-color LED indicator, “Red” for charging “Green” for full charged or idle.
Size 81 x 51 x 28mm
Output cable & plug 1.2 meter 2xAWG22#, UL2468 wire, DC plug type defined by user
Input AC plug US or VDE
Enclosure ABS+PC Plastic housing
Weight 120g
California Residents
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – P65Warnings.ca.gov


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